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Our Approach

Helping you plan for the
next phase of living.

Trust, collaboration and action.

We’ve created a financial planning process that pairs your values with our experience. We’ve designed our financial planning process specifically for individuals, couples, and families who are curious about whether or not they can retire or make work optional, and if so, what that might look like. 


The introductory meeting will be 15-30 minutes on the phone or in person. This provides an opportunity for us to understand what you are looking for, explain our process, and see if we both agree that we are a good fit to move forward with our relationship. If we do decide to move forward, we’ll invite you to our client portal and request some documents, such as tax returns, account statements and paystubs. We’ll also encourage you to use our online risk tolerance tool.

2Discovering Values

Putting numbers aside, we’ll take the time to understand what matters to you, what you care about and how you feel about money. We’ll learn as much as we can about you, your family, your background, and what you are hoping to gain from working with us. Because at Grounded Financial Planning, we know that by aligning your values with your financial plan, we give you the greatest opportunity to achieve your goals.

3Discovering Money

With a deeper understanding of your values, concerns, and your relationship with money, we can begin to dive into the technical side of financial planning. With the information you’ve given us, we’ll build out some rough draft scenarios of what retirement could look like for you. We’ll work together with you and our software to plug-and-play variables and simulate the impact of different decisions you might face. At the end of this conversation, we’ll have established a baseline for where you currently stand and the direction you want to take.


Once we’ve determined the direction you want to take, we’ll start to zero in on the areas that need the most attention. We work together with you and other professionals on your team, such as accountants and attorneys, so your financial plan aligns with your goals. Typical areas of emphasis include retirement income, investments, tax planning, estate planning and insurance. We’ll also create a timeline and calendar for completing tasks, reaching milestones and reviewing your plan. Our ultimate goal is for you to feel secure and in command of your financial picture.