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Retirement is meant to be lived,
not just saved for.

more than investment management

Too many financial advisors are simply investment managers.

They create an investment plan, implement the plan and send you monthly statements. That’s it. Sure, investment management is important, but at Grounded Financial Planning, we believe it is just one part of the retirement-planning picture.

A Holistic Approach

At Grounded Financial Planning, we shift our focus away from investment management and toward holistic financial planning. We help you weave together each corner of your personal finances, from budgeting to estate planning, into a concise and agile plan that gives you the freedom to pursue more for yourself and those you love.

Grounded in Values

No two clients approach their personal finances in the same way. Money is an emotional subject, and financial decisions aren’t always made through a rational lens. Instead, individuals are heavily influenced by life experiences and deeply engrained beliefs around money.

For this reason, we spend time learning about what matters to you, how you’ve made financial decisions in the past and what experiences have impacted the way you view money. Then, we help you make decisions about money that are grounded in your values and your long-term plan.

Getting to Know You

Before we can help you, we want to understand who you are. We work with individuals and families in or approaching retirement. Our typical client sees retirement as the next phase in their life, not the last. They have lofty goals and things they want to accomplish. 

With that in mind, we take the time to understand your goals, hopes and concerns. And we help you recognize that with a good plan in place, you can work toward achieving a fulfilling and secure life in retirement.

We want our advice to be empowering and make a real impact on your life.

We believe there are two sides to giving financial advice: providing the right information and getting clients to act on the information.

Although the information itself may be valuable, if it doesn’t register with the client and prompt them to act, what has been gained?

The true value lies in collaborating with you as an advocate and thinking partner, guiding you through information to make decisions that enhance your finances. This process leaves you feeling more confident and empowered in your relationship with money.

Will King, CFP®

Financial Advisor

(731) 424-3333

Financial planning and wealth management was a natural fit for Will, as his grandfather has had his financial advisory practice for decades. After graduating with honors with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance...

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Jamie King

Financial Advisor

(731) 248-5086

Jamie has lived in Jackson his entire life. After a successful career as the Postmaster with the U.S. Postal Service and sixteen years in the Army National Guard, during which he earned the rank of Major, Jamie started his career in ...

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Leigh Ann Espy

Client Service Associate

(731) 248-5086

As Client Services Representative, Leigh Ann serves as the first point of contact for clients and prospects. After teaching middle school for seven years, she started her career in the financial advisor industry in 2005. Today, she’s ...

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